Car Tracking System

Car Tracking System


Incorporating car tracking systems into your business is the best investment as the business owner that you can ever make. The technology of tracking cars offers a range of benefits to businesses so easily. Among the main ones are:


The business is guaranteed of higher profits that come as a result of reduced fuel consumption for all cars and also decreased insurance expenses.

Improves on the business' routing for the fleet.

Customer service is enhanced through increased transparency of operations.

The systems increase on the efficiency and reliability of the business.


The car tracking industry using GPS is a new technological field which has seen growth over the past 10 years. Advancement in this technology has made it cheaper and hence affordable to a greater number of people who need it. GPS car tracking systems have found wide applications in businesses that manage operations of large fleet. Apart from these businesses, this technology has been found to be significant and indispensable to any company that has mobile asset. Modernisation in these corporations have been concentrated on communication and accountability efforts. Other examples of companies that make good use of this GPS technology in tracking systems include companies offering taxi services, driving schools for training of drivers, distribution companies, pizza delivery organisations, grocery stores and flower shops just to mention a few of them.


At UK Car Tracking System, we do provide you with varied solutions for your car tracking needs. As the business owner, fitting one of our GPS car tracking units into your fleet guarantees you of the following benefits;

You have the ability to record and document any stop that your driver made.


You can record each and every place that the driver is moving towards.


You are able to easily route your employee(s),


90 (ninety) days travelling history is available to you for all the routes travelled.

Get to see and know each and every place that an employee has been and

You can prevent accidents by getting real-time information of how fast or slow the driver is moving.

It generally leads to enhanced and improved business communication.

You can document the mileage travelled with ease.

Routing, accountability and performance of drivers is highly improved.


A business is empowered to reap these benefits by simply having only a few mouse clicks. The tracking systems are fitted and installed to our customers' expectation, specification and satisfaction. The customer has a wide range of methods to select from concerning how they like the GPS car tracking system installed. To start with, they can be fitted and be hidden from the driver to avoid his/her interference, it can also be installed to the power supply of the car permanently and they can also be used as mobile monitoring devices that are powered by the internal power source of the GPS device. A car tracking system that is used as a portable device gives the business owner or the employer the power to move the GPS tracking system from one automobile to another if an employee seems to be misusing the company mobile assets. There is enhanced and less maintenance of cars which come a result of managing the number of unauthorised trips, reducing the excess idling of cars and managing routes efficiently. Your investment in UK Car Tracking system is a sure and guaranteed way that will undoubtedly increase your profits and performance.

The GPS monitoring technology gives data that can boost efficiency and reliability on a number of varied levels. GPS tracking technology uses satellites and has found a range of applications in our everyday life. These applications can be good and at the same time bad considering who installed the tracking units. A few of the good applications in different areas of our daily life include; navigation of places with GPS in our smart mobile phones, through GPS we are able to improve on our workouts and car monitoring. The bad applications for bad and evil reasons gives the dark side of this GPS technology. The main one under this category is installation of tracking devices that secretly monitor your car in real-time.

How do I get to know that a tracking device has been installed on my car without my authorisation? This is a question that is commonly asked by most of our customers and before you ask it again, I am here to give you the answer. Being tracked without your knowledge creates a very serious situation if you do find out about it and yet you don't know how to handle it. Legally, business owners and employers are allowed to monitor their work cars operated by their employees. Crossing boundaries which makes the privacy rights of others becomes illegal and this can lead you into some serious trouble. If you are a victim of unauthorised tracking, you should commence searching the most possible location of the GPS tracker in your automobile as your very first step. The popular hiding location of GPS devices on an automobile are as outlined below.


It might be on the underside (underside) of the car,

Can be concealed in a pouch on the behind seat,


In the compartment of glove,

It can be connected to the OBDII port and

Under the drivers' or passengers seat.

Majority of live GPS trackers have internal batteries which means that they can be fitted inside the automobile and their operation remain effective. For this reason, they are widely applied as portable solutions. The design of most portable GPS car trackers incorporate motion sensors that make the device activate into hibernation mode in case the car stops. This in turn makes the battery last longer as its strength is maintained in such cases. This property has various advantages for police forces that are handling investigations that need trackers that can document the driving activity for a longer periods of time. GPS tracking units can also be hard-wired to the dashboard of the car which makes it invisible to the eye.

The laws that govern GPS car tracking cannot be said to be efficient and reliable as they are not well developed, understood and applied. This happens to be the case because different areas and regions have different laws regarding this subject. A similar and unique situation can be illegal in one area but in another region, it is legal. If you believe and feel doubtless that you are being tracked, you should know that your privacy rights as an individual have been invaded. The most important and logical thing to do if you find yourself in such a situation is to contact the local authorities. In addition to the authorities, you can get in contact with your local mechanic or the audio installation squad. They can do a more thorough searching job especially the 12-V car battery where the trackers maybe connected.

Major companies that produce cigars track their cargo by using GPS tracking systems. Since their introduction into our lives, cigars have made themselves symbols of celebration, celebration and power. If you light a cigar as a means of either celebrating child birth or having a deal closed at work, I hope that you are in absolute agreement that the rich sweet flavour of the cigar improves the quality of life. Most cigar manufacturing companies are faced with a hard task of providing their customers with high quality cigars. For this reason, most of them need an increased oversight of their product distribution. This oversight for the manufacturers is conducted using GPS auto tracking system. This system offers live real-time GPS location data which in turn makes the businesses monitor and see where cigar shipments are located at any time.

GPS tracking systems come in handy in provision of boost in management of assets and car security which makes them very common the world of businesses. The technology they use gives real time information which allow the businesses to determine how fast the drivers are travelling, find out if the employees in charge of driving the cars are operating them safely, get notified in case the company car is stolen and on a weekly basis give an explanation for the total distance that workers have accumulated. GPS monitoring devices in shipment businesses give supervisors the power approximate the exact time of arrival of goods moving from one point to another. The information provided by the devices is time sensitive and especially when the shipping firm deals with transportation of livestock, cigarettes or other goods that are valuable.

The ability to track the location of cigars is significant to the cigar distributors for the obvious reasons outlined below;

Ability to determine their deployment and arrival times accurately.

GPS car monitoring technology enables the cigar distributor to be alerted when the products leave the warehouse and also when the cigars successfully reach their intended destination.

The real time data provided comes in handy when cargo is stolen which can happen during shipment. The information provided can assist in pinpointing the employee responsible for the theft.

Prevention of theft is one of the most utilised benefit for the GPS tracking systems. Loss of cars to thefts is serious for both individuals and businesses. The latter experiences major losses as operations come to a stop. UK Car Tracking System GPS truck trackers have been widely applied in the business world in order to reduce incidences of theft. Live GPS tracking of cargo gives information that is always accessible. In case of auto-theft striking, you as the fleet manager or employer can find out quickly and accurately the location of the car which you can give to the local police who will assist you bring back the car and its cargo safely.

Islands within the coastal region of the UK brings in mind the picture of sandy beaches, fruity cocktails and crystal blue waters in most peoples' minds. There are local businesses in these islands that fight to stay profitable and efficient. There are also delivery companies in towns which operates a fleet of vans and they are in need of management solution for their cars. Affinity for GPS tracking systems among businesses on these coastal areas has increased considerably over time and they do get the help they need with live GPS techno systems.

The economy of these regions is controlled to a greater percentage by tourism. Majority of businesses operating in this region provide taxi and shuttle travelling services whose benefits from GPS tracking technology are enormous. Other companies in this region that can reap these benefits are those local companies who are interested in tracking their cars for mileage, routing and other management purposes. Live GPS monitoring process involves three (3) steps with no regard to the reason why a company want to monitor a van using the GPS technology.

The steps involved are:


A live GPS tracking device is fitted to the Caribbean business van.

Data from the GPS auto tracking solution is sent to a server that is offline.

Real-time driving data and information such as stops made by the van and speeds it was moving at can be accessed by the business owners if they go online.

The obtained real-time car tracking data gives a huge database of information concerning how fast the vans are moving, stops made by the drivers during travels, the duration of each stop that was made, driving manners and behaviours of the driver while on road, gives a solution to explain mileage covered by the car and also it offers protection against auto-theft. Businesses in the tourism and service industries always have customer service being their chief goal. Our GPS car systems can assist these companies improve the customer experience via shortened arrival times, provision of safer drivers and have an operation that's more reliable. People on vacation have waiting for transportation as their last thing they want.

When it comes to emergency health issues, ambulances cannot be done away with as they play a very key role to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), trained first-aid respondents and others who provide Emergency Medical Services. They do so by arriving at the emergency scene within the shortest time possible and it does come with life-saving measures that are potential. They are like small hospitals because they are equipped with some basic healthcare equipment designed to treat those affected in the emergency health wise. Ambulance drivers work for between 8 10 hours daily or even longer and in this field, every second is critical. These drivers are human beings and being charged with working in the field for long periods of time can make them do things that are not going to help the hospital in any way. The cases can be worse if the response time is delayed which can bring the difference between life and death for the medical emergency case. For the reasons above, hospitals in the entire of UK are resulting to GPS tracking systems and devices to help them with a solution in managing their cars for the ambulance fleets.

The live GPS tracker known as Sync is one of the most applied GPS monitoring device in tracking the driving activity of ambulances. The Sync is very simple in operation. It begins with plugging the GPS device into the ambulances' diagnostic port. This enables the entire live GPS system to be powered directly from the ambulance battery. Real-time information that contains data such as driving speeds, addresses arrived, travelled routes and more is transmitted by the tracker. This data showing car monitoring is sent to server that's off-site immediately. From here, the management staff of the hospital can access this data from their smartphones or hospital computers. The data on monitoring the ambulance can be accessed 24 hours a day in 7 days a week. If this data is put into a specially designed program, the hospital management are alerted if the ambulance leaves regions regarded as safe zones and also if the ambulance driver is driving at excessive speeds with no emergency present. The hospital staff can also oversee the complete fleet of ambulances through the online tracking platform at the same time. Tracking information and data stored in the off-site servers is stored forever.

If hospitals track their ambulances, they are guaranteed of increased in efficiency and reduced cost in the business world. The information provided by the tracking devices enables those in charge of fleet to cut down on careless fuel consumption which saves them on costs. If drivers are tracked, they most probably will practice safe driving practices when there are no emergencies and this keeps the car health to be long-term. Increased route efficiency is observed when the hospital staff ensure that the ambulance closest to the emergency field responds. GPS tracking full incorporation into the healthcare system helps extend the life of the ambulances and people transported in them.

Businesses that deal with food products and are willing grow and expand their customer base can do so by investing in a food truck. This may be a good move but thieves might be planning on how to steal it from the business. Installing vehicle tracker systems as a solution can help the police easily and quickly recover stolen cars. Live GPS tracking solutions gives you real-time data on the tracks location, and also enables you to be alerted in case the truck moves with no authorisation. Food companies that have trucks in our modern world needs to invest in GPS tracking technology to increase on their car security.

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