Cost Of Vehicle Tracking System

Cost Of Vehicle Tracking System

The cost of vehicle tracking system from the UK Vehicle Tracking System Company depends on a number of different factors. You can get complete vehicle tracking system starting from 150 per year for a single vehicle and this list includes trucks, vans, cars and even lorries. Some of the factors below can act as great indicators into determining the actual cost of vehicle tracking system. Outlined below are some of the main factors of consideration that affect the costs of vehicle tracking systems to a great extent:

Type of tracking systems that you require. The simple systems are available at low prices while the more complicated systems tend to be expensive.

The number of vehicles that you need to track. Generally, as the number of vehicles to be tracked increases, the cost tends to be higher which means expenditure of more money.

There is a wide range of tracking features for vehicles that are available. The more the features you do require, the more money you ought to spend.

The manufacturer you choose to buy tracking devices from. Needless to say, different manufacturers charge different prices for their products. You need to go for the cheapest option available without compromising on the quality of the tracking device that you buy.

The mode of payment that you choose to pay with. The plans for payment that are available include outright buying, pay as you go, no monthly fee and monthly plan. The pricing for all these plans is done differently.

Vehicle tracking systems are classified into two broad groups namely; passive systems and active systems. The former works with GPS technology and it tends to be the cheaper option of the two. This is so because passive systems do not send real-time data concerning vehicle location and event in the same way as the active system will. Passive tracking devices record and store event and location data that can be retrieved later as the vehicle reaches its destination. The devices need no fixed installation in vehicles and they are capable of running in AA size domestic batteries. Passive devices can cost between 100 and 250. This price depends upon the complexity of the data that is stored in a single device together with the software.

Active vehicle tracking systems also do make use of GPS technology. They relay real-time data on vehicle positioning and event that is available for retrieval any time from the mobile apps and this makes them to cost more. These devices update and relay vehicle data in real time constantly through GPRS or GPS. This information is sent to the data centre from and by the use of a web interface, it can be monitored. Outright buying of active tracking devices is roughly between 250 and upwards in which accounts for the cost of devices in between 200 and 350 each and vehicle installation fee ranging between 50 and 100. On top of this, there is also a subscription fee to be covered for real-time data communication purposes. Most people go for leasing the active tracking devices on the basis of contracts. There are manufacturers who offer pay as you go option to their clients. The last two systems on general term can cost from 35 per month for each vehicle.

The function that the tracking system provides also dictates on how much its cost is. The amount and type of vehicle data stored determines the cost of the passive system. Active systems offer more additional functions that are important to those in fleet operation business. The basic functions of the active systems include;

Position monitoring of the vehicle in real time.

It gives data such as average speeds, total time taken for the journey and consumption of fuel which is very important to the business people.

The more complex active systems give more functions such as;

Traffic conditions data on real time.

Functionalities of sat-nav.

In the case of vehicle theft, the vehicle can be immobilised.

Offers dual communication between the driver and their monitor.

The subscription cost from the supplier includes the additional functions of the active tracking devices. In regard to the functions provide by the device, the active system can cost anywhere between 9.99 and 60 on a monthly basis.

Direct purchase of passive vehicle tracking system for individual use or management of small fleets is the most economical option. Large fleets need complete real time tracking and it's more reasonable to lease active vehicle tracking. Most contracts last between 6-36 months. On complete and successful lease signing, most providers relinquish the cost of device installation in each vehicle. PAYG option is offered for those who are unwilling to be tied into contracts on vehicle tracking. This option is normally expensive compared to contracts and free tracking device installation isn't included. It's very important for you to research comprehensively on the multiple suppliers to get the cheapest vehicle tracking system that fits your needs.

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