Tracker Vehicle Tracking System

Tracker Vehicle Tracking System

At UK Vehicle Tracking System, we offer vehicle tracking systems for personal or business purposes. Tracker vehicle tracking system is one of the many products that we do offer for those interested in monitoring and tracking their vehicles. In this vehicle tracking industry, we are the very best in the entire UK and request that any time you need tracking services, you should pay us a visit or communicate with a member of our team. Why do you endorse yourself as the best service and product provider in the UK vehicle tracking industry? This question might have cropped up and lingered in your mind but I'm going to tell you some of the reasons why UK Vehicle Tracking System is the best for all your vehicle tracking needs.

We have been providing vehicle tracking solutions for over 20 years and have distinguished ourselves as the leaders in this market industry. Our products to clients are comprehensive and are combined with pioneering technology from our research and development team. We have installed and fitted over one million tracker units in the UK.

We are the only fully supported tracking partners by the entire UK police force in the whole country. We have fitted and installed detection units on police choppers, patrol cars and in the UK main ports. This helps them to locate and recover stolen vehicles that have our tracker units installed in them.

Installing our tracking devices helps you save money as an individual or a business. This is first done by reducing the chances of theft to your vehicle. If you have no tracking units fitted and your car is stolen, you are bound to bear the following costs that you may ignore;

Additional transport expenses on fares from either public transport or hire cars as you travel to the insurance company in the meantime before the claims the settled. The insurance policy does not account on this.

Costs that are associated with insurance excess from claims.

In the future, the insurance premiums that you have to pay may increase.

The ONS has reported that car thefts and crimes are on the decline in which tracking units have acted as the preventive measure. Having a tracker installed on your vehicle increases its security against theft and alleviates you from the possible costs that come with vehicle theft. You also stand to benefit from savings on your insurance premiums because the devices reduce the chances of vehicle theft which makes insurance firms to lower their insurance premiums. For a large business fleet of vehicles, you can make great savings through cutting down on your fuel expenses.

The tracker units can be disabled by jammers especially if one uses the GPS or GSM systems. We have overcome this challenge with incorporating our VHF location technology in all our tracking units. VHF addresses the problem of signal jamming. It helps locate vehicles hidden in containers, car parks that are underground and lock-ups.

We have continuously and constantly invested in our research and development team and the current result is our tracker retrieve that's battery-powered. It's ideal for unpowered vehicles and those not frequently used. Our team of developers are professional and are in charge of designing, testing and installing our custom-made telematics and devices. At our back office, we give off-site back-up and recovery strategies for disasters. We have been recipients of awards multiple times from the Van Fleet World and Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100.

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